About “Dedicated Nomad”

Hi everyone, I’m Karabi and thanks for visiting my blog! As the name suggests, I’m absolutely addicted to traveling, and have been visiting new places as much as I can! Nowadays, it’s a common view that it’s difficult to work and travel at the same time, and hence you need to leave your job to travel. I want to share how I find time to travel along with my full-time job, and how you can do the same. 

It’s all about planning in advance, optimizing your vacations / leaves and being truly passionate about traveling! So, join me on my journeys around the world, and yes, you don’t need to leave your job to travel Let me show you how to do both!

All the love to you, fellow travellers!


3 thoughts on “About “Dedicated Nomad”

  1. Hello, Karabi, the nomadic traveler.

    Your site is really great with updated information on travel around the world.
    I’m impressed with your travel destinations and I’m looking forward to following your future journies.

    As always stay safe in your travels and nurture the happy nomadic travel spirit within.

    Marty 🙂


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